Bodysuit Love

I remember a couple of years ago my mom gave me a plain black bodysuit she found at the bottom of one of her drawers. She was like it will look so cute with jeans or a skirt…it will give your outfit a clean look. I almost laughed out loud. Who the hell would wear this I thought?!

Here we are a few years later and I want all the bodysuits I can find. I think they are super easy to wear and throw on with literally anything. And I do agree with my mom…they completely give my looks that clean, tucked in look that doesn’t always easily happen. Funny how things can change SO fast because now I’m in love with bodysuits.

SOOO on to the good stuff…this perfect bodysuit from Francesca’s. I first saw it online and was like ehhh…I’m not sure how it’s gonna look in person. Then I went in store and tried it on and I was sold. I love the OTS lace detail and the tight fitting form of the bodysuit. It’s super flattering for a white clothing piece and it’s a total must have for summer. Get all my outfit details below!

Happy (almost) FriYAY!


Outfit Details

Francesca’s Bodysuit | Forever 21 Denim Skirt | Sole Society Sandals | Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Similar Sunnies

My Summer IT Bag: Straw Tote

I love a great handbag as much as the next girl and when summer comes around I love rocking a great straw tote. I know you read that first sentence and was like, “What is this girl talking about!? It’s not summer yet…” Yes, yes I totally know. But I’m a California girl. I have summer on my brain all year round and when it starts getting a little hot outside, you better believe I’m in full on summer mode.

While I do think one of the best items to make a little splurge on is a handbag, I don’t love spending a ton on a straw tote. A straw, beach type of bag, isn’t an everyday bag for me. Can you imagine if I brought this “Hola” tote to the office with me everyday?! I’m dying of laughter just thinking of it. I probably would rock a smaller, work appropriate summer straw tote to the office during the warmer months, but that’s for another post. So I can’t justify spending $300 on a straw beach tote that I’m only going to use on weekends (probably not every weekend) and on vacations.

Last year I decided to break my own rules and splurge on this “Hola” tote. I was headed to Cabo last June and I felt like I needed to have it. I’m so glad I did because I’m constantly using it and I completely feel like I got my money’s worth. So while I won’t spend $300 on this type of bag, I will spend around $100 for a bag I know will last me years and years. And I can’t even tell you the amount of compliments I receive on this tote…money well spent!

Whether you are looking for an investment straw tote you can use very summer for the next 10 years or whether you are looking for a trendy, but affordable option…there are plenty of choices for you! I felt like this “Hola” tote was somewhere in the middle of these two spectrum and I have no regrets. I have added some of my favorites, both splurges and affordable options, below! Happy shopping!


Favorite Straw Totes

Outfit Details

Top | Jeans | Bag | Shoes |



Throwback Thursday: Denim Skirt Style

What better way to celebrate a #TBT than with a throwback to the 90s. I’m all about fashion coming back around and the denim skirt is the best example ever! I remember the countless hours spent at the mall at Hollister & Abercrombie searching for the perfect denim mini skirt and begging my mom to buy it for me. I remember like it was yesterday the time I was bribed by my parents to run the mile at school under 7 minutes. If I did, they would buy me the Hollister denim mini I had my eye on forever. Needless to say, I ran my ass off to get that skirt.

So of course I was a little sad when denim skirts went out of style. I had a million denim skirts and no where to wear them. I sold most of them, but luckily I ended up keeping a few. When the denim skirt trend came back in style this spring, I was unbelievably excited. I bought this distressed skirt from Forever 21 a few weeks ago and literally have been wearing it non stop. I’ve also been wearing it with everything. If I think it remotely looks good, I’ll wear it.

Sure I’ve gotten a few weird looks like…are denim skirt a thing now or is that girl stuck in the 90s? But you know what?! I’m owning it and so should YOU. I’ve worn my denim mini on date night with bright black heels and an OTS body suit. I’ve worn my denim mini grocery shopping with converse and a slouchy white tee. I’ve worn my denim mini shopping with my mommy with a flowy tank and strappy sandals. And as you can see in these pictures, I’ve worn my denim mini with a fab gray sweaters and bright pink accessories. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

So if you don’t have a denim mini in your life. You NEED one asap girl!

This gorgeous sweater is from Philistine NYC and makes me feel like a sassy, cool girl version of myself. It takes a sweatshirt to a whole NEW level. Shop this sweater here and some of my favorite denim minis below.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Thursday babes!

Favorite Denim Mini Skirts

Prettiest Yellow Dress

Every year spring and summer rolls around and I seem to gravitate to certain colors. Of course, I’m always instantly attracted to anything brightly colored for summer, but this year’s stand out color to me is yellow. I’ve always loved yellow. I would even say at one point it was my favorite color. I was just fooling myself though because pink will forever be my favorite. And while I own and wear a lot of yellow, I’ve just found myself wanting all the yellow spring and summer items out there! I want them all!

Every basket and wish list on my favorite online shops are filled with yellow items. I walk into a store, stroll around, pick up some things to try on, and yup…everything is yellow! I’m totally not mad about it and I am embracing my love for yellow 100%.

I know a lot of people try to avoid yellow at all costs because they think it doesn’t look good on their skin tone. I’m hear to put a rest to this myth! I think yellow can look good on everyone with the right shade and the right accessories. Sure yellow will always look best with a side of tan, but if you can’t get to the sun right away (girl I feel ya!) play up your best features in a yellow outfit. I chose this sunny yellow dress that wasn’t too neon or pale. It is a more warm yellow so I know even if I haven’t tanned all year, it will still look great. I also added some playful earrings and a standout bag so the attention is divided into many different directions.

The point I’m trying to make here is that yellow is an it color (for me anyways!) and I think you should embrace it any and every way you can! There is something so fun about throwing on a yellow dress. I immediately feel happier and sunnier. Believe me, you will too!

This gorgeous dress is from Joh Apparel. You can shop it here and it is seriously everything I could ever ask for in a beautiful spring/summer dress!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


The One Dress Every Woman Needs: The Wrap Dress

You know how much I love dresses. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would wear a dress every single day if I could. I’m always on the look out for a dress that has a special or unique element to it. I try to never buy the same style of dress twice. There are just SO many cute styles out there!

HOWEVER, there is one particular style that I think everyone woman should own and buy again and again. Which dress is this? You guessed it! It’s the famous wrap dress. I admit, I really only started trying on, buying, and wearing wrap dresses recently.

But I’m like why didn’t I start sooner?! I’m completely obsessed. I am convinced they look good on everyone and are just so chic. Wrap dresses are just the epitome of feminine style and there is nothing wrong with throwing on a dress that makes you feel like a pretty lady every now and then!

Now is the perfect time to add the wrap dress to your wardrobe. There are so many cute styles for spring and summer…you really can’t go shopping without seeing multiple prints and lengths that are calling your name! This super cute wrap dress from Francesca’s is such a gorgeous piece. The floral print is perfect for spring and the ruffle details really make me want to twirl. For summer, I’d suggest a cute spaghetti strap wrap dress in a bright yellow shade.

Do you have a wrap dress in your closet?! If not, what are you waiting for?! It’s time to pull the trigger girl!

Thanks SO much for reading and as always, stay chic!

Outfit Details

Spring Break in Arizona

Having graduated college two years ago, I REALLY miss having a spring break! I think I completely took spring break for granted and now I could really use a week to unwind, throw on some cute outfits, and just relax with a fruity cocktail in my hand. Wasn’t college the best?!

So while I can’t just ditch work for a week in March every year and fly to Cabo (I can dream though right…), I can say adios to California for a weekend. This year, I decided to hit the road for a quick 48 hour trip to Arizona. My god, it was the best 48 hours of my life. Pool, sun, tanning, and cold drinks. What more could a girl ask for? Cute outfits? Yup…those were present too.

My friends and I stayed at the beautiful Graduate Tempe in Arizona, right across the street from Arizona State University. This hotel completely brought me back to my glory college days. The hotel was a mix of boho-chic, eclectic, vintage, and retro vibes. It was the perfect desert retreat. I love staying at unique hotels that have a little quirk to them and the Graduate completely exceeded my expectations.

The hotel interiors sport classic 1970’s reproductions including nightstands inspired by retro stereo speakers and lush comfy easy chairs. We had our own personal balcony with views of the ASU campus, perfect for watching the AZ sunset with a cold beer in my hand. Every single detail in the room was so cute and quirky, I loved it!

The best part of the hotel was that we really didn’t even need to leave. The Graduate had the most relaxing pool with a poolside cantina and a life size jenga set. We ate breakfast at the onsite Normal Diner, sipping mimosas in this chic diner. For dinner, we headed to Tapacubo, the Mexican eatery, serving up the best margaritas and guacamole ever! I’m always in the mood for good Mexican food and this place hit the spot.

After dinner, we took a short walk to Mill Street which is filled with the cutest shops, restaurants, and bars. We stayed out all night sipping frozen cocktails and listening to country music. It was the best weekend ever and I’m already looking at my calendar wondering when I can get back to the Graduate in Tempe! I’ll definitely be back this summer!

Do you have any spring break plans? Even if you do a little staycation and stay local, getting out of the house and relaxing is the best feeling during spring!

Thanks so much for reading!! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Graduate Tempe for helping me have the best mini spring break vacation ever!

Stay chic on spring break my friends!

P.S. Graduate hotels are a string of boutique hotels in all the most dynamic college towns in America. Each hotel celebrates the youthful optimism of school days and captures the spirit of each community in a bright way. I absolutely love that and now I kind of want to stay at every single one of them! Who’s with me?!

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Dress: here & here | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes | Bag

Spring Brunch Outfit

I have to admit, I love a good weekend brunch just as much as the next girl. But brunch isn’t the same in fall and winter when it is super cold outside. Who wants to sip mimosas on a patio in 50 degree cloudy weather?! Not me! I’d much rather sit under palm trees feeling the ocean breeze on my face. So as it gets warmer and warmer as we head into spring, you know brunch will be a weekly occurrence! Ya feel me?!! I kicked off the first brunch of the spring season (I know it’s not spring yet…but close enough!) yesterday with my best girls! We sipped mimosas, gossiped, and ended the afternoon with some much needed shopping!

Before I start pulling out all the tassels, pom poms, and bright clothes I own for brunch, I wanted to share this sweet, spring brunch look. I would wear this to a classier brunch with the girls (this is not the kind of outfit you want to throw back 3 shots of tequila with) or to a lunch with my family. I imagine myself drinking tea and eating finger sandwiches off a three tier tray in this outfit. I’ve never done that and I doubt I ever will, but a girl can dream right?!

Back to the outfit…this super feminine, gorgeous outfit can easily be made with items you already have in our closet. Throw on your cutest midi skirt (or any lacy item you own), pair it with a white tee and throw on some classy heels. Super easy, super gorgeous, and super girly.

As long as you have a pretty outfit, there is always an excuse to brunch!

Hope you have a wonderful week gorgeous! & don’t forget to stay chic!

Outfit Details

Skirt | Top | Heels | Bag

White Lace Spring Dress

Can you believe it’s already the end of February!? Where is the time going?! I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining because as I browse through all my favorite stores and start to pick up my online shopping habits, I am loving all the spring products slowly starting to arrive. I’m loving all the new trends and all the new spring styles! Born and raised in Southern California, I’m not a huge fan of winter styles so as the beginning of the year passes by and spring grows closer and closer, I can’t help but get more and more excited. Bring on the lace, paste colors, and all the florals! I’m all for it!

So when I found this white lace dress at Nordstrom Rack, my heart couldn’t help but flutter a little. This dress is everything I envision when I think of spring style. White, lace, airy, springy. To me, it doesn’t get any better. I styled this dress with simple nude heels and a white bag, which I think would be great for a spring wedding, a Sunday brunch with the gals, or an evening date. I think it would be just as cute for casual weekend errands, for the office, or for a fun weekend activity by swapping the heels for flats or sneakers and adding a jean jacket and a pony tail. Or why not wear this for date night or drinks with friends? Try a lace dress with black lace up block heels and a leather jacket or chic bomber jacket. Honestly the possibilities are endless and that’s why I can’t get enough of this dress!

Thanks so much for reading!
Stay chic my friends!!

Fav Lace Dresses

Trendy Pocket Tee

While I love my classic styles & constantly go back to my favorite styles, I’m constantly on the lookout for new trendy styles. I love taking fashion risks & trying new trends (whether good or bad. Believe me…there have been plenty bad!). So when I noticed that my favorite classic tee was getting upgraded with a new trend, I was like I’m there! I’m talking about the trendy pocket tee. You know you’ve seen them: a classic tee with a pocket & some sort of cute trendy graphic detail. I’ve seen tons with cute phrases on them & some with cute graphic images. I want them all!

I think this cute little pocket detail adds a little something extra to a beloved classic. Throw on a trendy pocket tee with just about everything: a high waisted skirt, black denim and heels for a night out, peeking out of your blazer at the office. The list goes on and on. What I love about this trend is that it’s such an easy (& cheap) swap. Simple swap out your favorite classic tee with a trendy pocket tee & you’ve got a completely refreshed look. I love when trends are super easy & affordable!

What do you think of this new, easy, chic trend?! Have you stocked up your inbox with trendy pocket tees yet? I know I have! Outfit details are below & I’ve also linked some of my favorite pocket tees!

Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

Stay chic!

Outfit Details

Pocket Tee (only $15!!!) | Skirt: old, similar | Jean Jacket, love this one | Bag | Sneakers

Fav Pocket Tees

Galentine’s Day with Style Collective

Happy Valentine’s Day! VDay is honestly one of my favorite holidays. I know it’s cheesy & cliche & whatever you want to call it, but any day dedicated to celebrating the ones I love  is certainly okay with me! I try to express my love on a daily basis, but I love to go all out for the important people in my life on the 14th. Why not right?!

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to celebrate Galentine’s Day with 20 pretty ladies at the Style Collective meet up. It was such a FUN girls day filled with laughter, great food, pretty views, & connections I’ll have forever (I sound SO cheesy right now. DON’T JUDGE!). The event was held at The Sea Level Bar located at the beautiful Shade Hotel Redondo Beach. This hotel is beyond gorgeous & on my way home from the event, I called up TJ & was like we are going on a staycation at this hotel ASAP. He was so down! We nibbled at yummy appetizers, sipped on champagne, and chowed down the most delicious macaroons from ‘Lette Macarons for dessert. I had like five, once again…don’t judge!

After eating up every last bit, my Galentine’s and I enjoyed talking & getting to know each other in one of the restaurant’s outdoor lounge areas overlooking the marina. It was a super cold & windy day (& we all wore dresses!! Silly us), but the staff went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable from starting a fire to surrounding us with 10+ heating lamps. After some much needed girl talk, in true fashion blogger spirit, it was time for a photo shoot. You can’t get a group of 20 gorgeous bloggers together & NOT take some pictures! We posed & smiled with the most beautiful balloons from Balloon Celebrations. The 6 foot heart balloon? I about died. If I could have taken it without anyone noticing, you best believe I would have!

Throughout the day I met some amazing ladies that I had connected with through Instagram prior to the event. It was so fun to finally meet them in person & make some real connections. The Style Collective is an amazing group of women & a wonderful community of support. I know at any time I can reach out to this group & be flooded with so much love & inspiration. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to be my Galentine’s this year.

Special shout out to Jessica from Petite Style Script & Catherine from Catherine Grace O for making this event happen & to our amazing photographer, Mike (find him on insta @goirishphotog) who snapped all these beautiful photos. Thanks to Dermalogica‘Lette MacaronsCore HydrationBloomingdale’s & Guilty Soles for providing the best goodies in our giftbags. One last BIG thank you to Shade Hotel Redondo Beach for providing the most beautiful setting for this outing. Like I said, I’ll be back soon!

I want to give all my love to the ladies who attended this event. If you want to follow some pretty amazing ladies, check them out for sure!