My Summer IT Bag: Straw Tote

I love a great handbag as much as the next girl and when summer comes around I love rocking a great straw tote. I know you read that first sentence and was like, “What is this girl talking about!? It’s not summer yet…” Yes, yes I totally know. But I’m a California girl. I have summer on my brain all year round and when it starts getting a little hot outside, you better believe I’m in full on summer mode.

While I do think one of the best items to make a little splurge on is a handbag, I don’t love spending a ton on a straw tote. A straw, beach type of bag, isn’t an everyday bag for me. Can you imagine if I brought this “Hola” tote to the office with me everyday?! I’m dying of laughter just thinking of it. I probably would rock a smaller, work appropriate summer straw tote to the office during the warmer months, but that’s for another post. So I can’t justify spending $300 on a straw beach tote that I’m only going to use on weekends (probably not every weekend) and on vacations.

Last year I decided to break my own rules and splurge on this “Hola” tote. I was headed to Cabo last June and I felt like I needed to have it. I’m so glad I did because I’m constantly using it and I completely feel like I got my money’s worth. So while I won’t spend $300 on this type of bag, I will spend around $100 for a bag I know will last me years and years. And I can’t even tell you the amount of compliments I receive on this tote…money well spent!

Whether you are looking for an investment straw tote you can use very summer for the next 10 years or whether you are looking for a trendy, but affordable option…there are plenty of choices for you! I felt like this “Hola” tote was somewhere in the middle of these two spectrum and I have no regrets. I have added some of my favorites, both splurges and affordable options, below! Happy shopping!


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